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Stop wasting your money on rent!

#1 Stop Paying Rent

Did you know that as the renter you are actually already making the monthly mortgage payment?

The Monthly Investment you now make is building equity for your landlord. It's time to think about making that monthly investment in you and your family.

If you have been turned down for a mortgage because of a bad credit score, too much personal debt, you are new to Canada or self employed and you have a down-payment, there is a good chance we may be able to help you get that home anyways.

If you'd like more information before filling out the on-line Rent-to-Own Application email your contact info to

#2 You Choose The Home

Once you qualify for the Rent-to-Own program, the choice of which home to buy is up to you. Our Realtors help you select the perfect home you have always wanted.

Our Licensed Home Inspectors make sure  there are no hidden surprises and provide a multi page report on the condition of every aspect of the home.

#3 Invest in Your Family

Every dollar of your rent that pays down the landlords mortgage could be a dollar you are investing in your family's future and security.

Our proven Rent-to-Own system will help you to show your family how important they really are! Get Started Today.